Keeping Track of Your Inventory


One of the biggest concerns of any business is keeping records of the inventory you have on hand. It can be a nightmare to count all of your goods. It used to be that this needed to be done by hand and many businesses would close their doors at a certain time during the year to get it done. This was very time-consuming work and they lost business during the closure. With the advent of the computer and with it becoming the only way to do business today, tracking what you have has become much easier. There are software programs that allow you to maintain your records more accurately. These programs can help to reduce the loss you may have in inventory. Installing QuickBooks inventory integration software to your company computer will take care of managing your products.

How the Software Works

The software you use will include an option to barcode all of your items. These barcodes carry all of the information on that product, such as cost and amount in stock. Each item is entered into the software and the quantities on hand are recorded. When someone picks an item out of your inventory, they scan the barcode and that item is then reduced from your online inventory. Once the sale has been completed for the item, it will then take that information over to the financial part of the software.

Using Software for Your Records

It is best if you have a software program installed that will keep everything in one place. It is difficult to use several different programs and then try to combine them at the end of the year when you are filing your taxes. One complete program makes it much easier to reconcile your books and hand them over to your accountant to put together. Each business needs certain things to be kept as records and the software you use should be able to handle your type of business. Make sure you choose the right one and ask your financial department for their recommendations of a good software program to use.

Leading authorities have found that a business which does not have the right software installed in their computers have a greater tendency to lose business and eventually fail. Computerizing every aspect of your business is the only way for you to track the health of your company. Your inventory is your greatest investment and you do not want to be losing it if you can avoid it. Even one small piece that is taken can be accounted for in a good software program. Look on the internet and do a lot of research before making any purchases. Read the reviews of the program and find out if it allows you to have a good customer support team. You may find that in the beginning you will need to use the companies support until you get used to using the program. They can help you to install it correctly and train you on how to use it.