Top 5 Fastest Cars in India – Speed is the name of the game

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Everybody dreams of being behind the wheel of a machine that can screech loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood and accelerate fast enough to make our whole body dig into our seat instantly. This article will talk about those cars, whose speed and suave can make even a Bond actor drool over them!

Fastest Cars in India

  1. Koenigsegg Agera

Top Speed: 418km/h

With a low bumper almost touching the ground and ground shattering top speed of 418km/h this car is a technological marvel. This absolute beast can reach 0-100 within 3.1 seconds with its 4.7L V8 engine and an unparalleled power output of 910bhp. With a torque of 112kgm at 5100rpm this car sticks to the road even at the tightest of turns. Although some might scorn at the price tag of 12.5 crore INR that it was recently launched with in Delhi, other enthusiasts say the price is justified.

  1. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

Top Speed: 407km/h

This roadster with its special open-top facility allows one to drive with the roof down and feel the breeze hit your face at the speed you are roaring with giving you a serious adrenaline rush! It also has a similar 4.7L V8 engine but an interesting feature is the 100L fuel tank which ensures that your high-speed escapades are sustained for a long time. The torque on this car is also commendable at 1250 Nm at 2200 to 5500 rpm. The car is priced at 12 crore INR (ex-showroom Delhi).

  1. Lamborghini Aventador

Top Speed: 349km/h

Everyone recognises a Lambo when they see one, and its precisely this trademark style along with the power position it puts you in, that makes this car an ideal choice for speedsters. With a 6.5L V12, 90L fuel capacity, 690-729 bhp engine it ensures a fast commute and to top it off, it has an interactive LCD display too. Its priced at 4.79-5.62 INR (ex-showroom).

  1. Ferrari FF

Top Speed: 335 km/h

This Italian magic machine has a 6.3L V12 engine with automatic transmission, a 91L fuel tank and a peak torque of 683Nm at 6000rpm. With an acceleration of 1-100km/h within 3.7 seconds this car is sure to make your hair stand on end. Unlike the previous entries on this list, this one’s a four-seater which means you can share your exhilaration with more people! The car is currently priced at 4.56 crores (ex-showroom).

  1. Bentley Continental GT

Top Speed: 333 km/h

This car perfectly blends class with unrestrained strength, it has dazzling exteriors with traditional Bentley headlight designs along with equally exceptional performance under the hood. It has a 6L twin turbo charged V12, an 8-speed dual clutch transmission, a max power of 626 bhp and an acceleration which is similar to Ferrari’s. The car has stunning interiors with a centre panel for cooling, heating, massage and ventilation facilities. Its priced between 3.12-3.84 crore INR (ex-showroom).

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